Drs. Murphy and Dummer receive CCSRI Prevention Innovation Grant

Red blood cells
Impact of healthy behaviours on blood molecules

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Certain healthy lifestyle behaviours, such as being active and eating well, are known to help reduce a person’s risk of cancer. However, the biological explanation for how and why this happens has rarely been explored—until now, that is.

Thanks to funding from the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI), Drs. Rachel Murphy and Trevor Dummer will conduct the largest Canadian study to examine the link between healthy behaviours, blood chemistry, and cancer prevention.

The project, entitled “Metabolomics as a new strategy to understand modifiable factors for cancer prevention,” will use advanced technologies to study levels of hundreds of types of molecules in the blood from healthy people to determine how cancer-preventing behaviours relate to them. This study could provide insight on how healthy behaviours can modify a person’s biology and how this might prevent cancer.

Drs. Murphy’s and Dummer’s project was one of 5 projects funded in the June 2017 Prevention Innovation Grant competition offered by CCSRI.

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